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Industry Solutions

  • Civil Works/Utility Providers
  • Temporary Fence Hire Operators/Retailers
  • Construction Sector
  • Demolition/Deconstruction
  • Customised Products

Construction Sector

Our temporary fencing is excellent for all construction activities and ensures compliance with WorkSafe and SiteSafe requirements. Our temporary fencing panels complies with the Australian standards AS 4687-2007 – Temporary Fencing & Hoardings, and meets all occupational health & safety regulations.


Our fencing is available with support stays, steel or concrete feet and clamps – a complete temporary fencing system. For further information on how our products can suit your project requirements and a competitive quote on buying construction fencing, call us 0800TFSALES (0800 837253) or via our online Order Form.

We can ensure fast delivery to all major towns and cities and can have your construction fencing consignment on site within 48hrs.

Civil Works/Utility Providers

TempFenceShop supplies Civil Contractors and Utility Providers with high quality temporary fencing for all site works, safe maintenance works and individual projects. We can supply a range of temporary fencing products that are specific to this sector and we welcome your enquiry. In particular the Site Safety Barriers and Trench-End Panels provide an effective solution for excavation works, open trenching and micro-excavation. We can always provide temporary fence panels, feet, clamps and support stays for larger project requirements. All of our products are designed and manufactured in compliance with Australian Standards AS 4687-2007 – Temporary Fencing and Hoardings. We also supply commercial grade, quality shade cloth for dust and debris control.


We can supply the Civil and Utility Sector with superior temporary construction fencing and barriers at a highly competitive prices.

We have stock available and ready for immediate shipping and welcome your enquiry. Contact us on 0800TFSALES (0800 837253) or via our online Order Form.


We supply high volumes of temporary fencing to civil engineering and demolition contractors who need fast installation and a high level of secure protection for any size of project. Buying temporary fencing from TTFS ensures you comply with all local government laws, building regulations and Australian Standards AS 4687-2007 – Temporary Fencing and Hoardings. Demolition companies are generally the first contractors on site and as such require temporary fencing from the outset.


Demolition work is seen as one of the most hazardous working environments within the construction industry sector. The increase in demolition and deconstruction work, requires a secure site at all times. Our temporary construction fence is the ideal product – providing site security whilst being strong, wind-steady, and easy to move as and when required. To ensure a safe work site and to avoid public safety issues, you need to secure your sites quickly. In addition many demolition sites use shade cloth for dust mitigation and additional site security. We can supply shadecloth as well as support stays, additional concrete feet, and clamps for a robust fully secured site. Our temporary fencing can be delivered to all major towns and cities within 48hrs.

We welcome your enquiry, contact us on 0800TFSALES (0800 837253) or via our online Order Form.

Fence Hire Operators/ Retailers

Whether you specialise in event fencing hire, general hire industry or as a temporary fencing retailer we have the best solution for your business.

We have the biggest range of temporary fencing products, and are positioned in the market to ensure we fast-turnaround service with a quick and efficient temporary fence supply solution. If you are low on stock you can be confident that within 48hours you can have more stock in your yard. If you are looking to expand your business and want to buy larger quantities direct from our manufacturing facility.


We supply to existing and new hire companies and to hardware stores throughout New Zealand who rely on us for their product requirements. We stock quality temporary fencing at a wholesale price. Our wholesale prices recognise that you need to make a margin and we are confident you wont find a better price. Contact us at TempFenceShop.co.nz for more information on bulk orders for your operation.

We welcome your enquiry, contact us on 0800TFSALES (0800 837253) or via our online Order Form.

Customised Temporary Fencing Products

We can offer our range of standard products or manufacture a custom design to your specifications. This can including manufacture to your brand colours and company logo.


Contact us for all your temporary fencing needs, we welcome your enquiry.

TempFenceShop.co.nz is New Zealand’s First Temp Fence Supermarket. Our aim is to provide you with the temporary fencing product you require in a timely manner, at a competitive price with great quality and service assured every-time.

Contact us on 0800 837253 to discuss your requirements. We are the leading stockist and supplier of all temporary fence products across New Zealand.